3 Things Your EDI Solution Should Be: Simple, Flexible, Reliable

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MAPADOC is Simple.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is a simple concept, as long as it integrates seamlessly into your ERP system. ERP adds a layer of complexity and requires understanding how information is brought into it as well as how different business logics work to integrate seamlessly.  MAPADOC simplifies the integration as the solution itself is an extension of your ERP system. It is developed using the same programming language as your ERP and is embedded right into your software’s workflow, significantly reducing the learning curve and eliminating the need to exit your ERP to manage your daily EDI processing.  No other EDI solution offers the same level of seamless integration!

MAPADOC is Flexible.

Become a well-oiled trading machine with MAPADOC

Become a well-oiled trading machine with MAPADOC

MAPADOC is also flexible and customizable, enabling your team to work more efficiently and to follow the business processes they are accustomed to.  Do you need EDI information saved and stored in specific fields in your ERP? MAPADOC enables you to customize the mapping of information and allows it to be placed in the appropriate field in your ERP. MAPADOC even has the ability to apply logic to specific fields to process and present data in different ways. For example, if a ship date lands on a weekend, MAPADOC can change the date to the next business day.

When it comes to implementing MAPADOC, we offer the flexibility of either a turnkey or DIY process. Turnkey implementation is best suited for customers without a dedicated EDI department to handle the back and forth requirements of their trading partners. These companies want the peace of mind that turnkey implementation provides. Through this type of implementation, our team becomes your EDI team. We provide the setup, testing, and training your team needs so they can focus on tasks that will help grow your business.

Our DIY implementation is best suited for those who already have a dedicated EDI team that is cognizant of the many complex requirements placed on them by trading partners.  For these customers, MAPADOC’s team of experts start the implementation process with your internal EDI team riding along for the first few trading partners, ultimately leading them to take on the implementation and testing processes. With this type of implementation, owning the process saves you time and money while also giving your team complete understanding of the system.

Whatever implementation process you choose, MAPADOC works the way you want to work!

MAPADOC is Reliable.

In addition to MAPADOC’s integration and customization capabilities, we offer peace of mind that you’re supported by our experienced and reliable team of EDI and ERP experts. With over 150 collective years of hands on experience, the MAPADOC team brings unparalleled ERP, EDI and business expertise to the table with the goal of making EDI simple and seamless for you. Our team delivers high touch, small business-like personal support and service so you never have to wait for a call back.

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